The real Rodney
The real Rodney
Welcome to Rodney the Routemaster's new website
Welcome to Rodney the Routemaster's new website

Rodney Trilogy .......... for more details click on ----->

The Rodney Trilogy is a series of softback books, 22cm x 22cm with 24 pages llustated in full colour by the original author.


Details of each book can be found by clicking on the title on the right.


Included with the Trilogy is a free streamer - which is a reworking of the folding cover of the original book.

is the trilogy what i am looking for?

Here is an exampe of a page in the style of the Trilogy series.  This page was never used in the finalised books. 

So, you judge whether the Trilogy is what you are looking for.  Experience suggests that to read the books a reading age of around 7 or 8 is necessary.  Obviously the books can be read out loud or the pictures used to create the stories for younger people.

Trilogy Review (courtesy of Buses Magazine)


Thanks to Samuel's Mum and Dad!


New birthday card now available


New 10 various Christmas cards now available


Great Minds replica poster available now


Glasgow Subway Album (2nd edition) now available


If you have always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to go for it!


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