The real Rodney
The real Rodney
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Welcome to Rodney the Routemaster's new website



GREAT MINDS BUS ALIKE - replica bus poster. Available early July 2014

GLASGOW SUBWAY ALBUM - 2ND Edition.  Enlarged, updated, 180+ colour photographs


The "Rodney the Routemaster" series of books, aimed at children aged 3 - 103, follows the adventures of a London bus when it was bought many years ago by a Scottish bus company called Clydeside Scottish as the start of a large fleet of Routemaster buses that was built up.  Back then a popular booklet, "Rodney the Routemaster Comes to Town", was published as part of a campaign linked to the local introduction of Routemasters.


After an eventful number of years, Rodney migrated to the Derbyshire area, and then much later he returned to London being modernised on the way.

Now the original book has been fully reworked and expanded. Combined with two all new books, they are "The Rodney Trilogy". All the stories are light hearted versions of real events that involved Clydeside Routemasters, as well as during Rodney’s later long journey back to London.


Each book (22 x 22cm) has 24 inside pages, illustrated in full colour by the original artist; Tony Van Bruegal. Available separately there is also a colouring book, mugs, laminated sheets and wrapping paper. A wall poster that is included with the Trilogy can also be purchased separately.

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Great Minds replica poster available now


Glasgow Subway Album (2nd edition) now available


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